Saturday, February 5, 2011

A fun filled gooey adventure


New shoes for all the serious ground I'm covering, can't go past the trusty Converse...this was then followed by a train to Footscray Station to the well known doughnut stop 'Olympic Doughnuts' that looks like a beaten up caravan with some stek tags on it. The doughnuts... jam filled sugar coated goodness going straight for the thighs, 80c for a doughnut ... YES PLEASE!!
This was then followed by a shop around Flinder's street and several laneways....Lenko Boutique is a gem that can easily be missed so look out. Cool local jewellery and Australian designer clothing. Another store i passed through Monster threads... more cool handmade stuff.... Followed by a coffee at Sensory this place is cool. There are many different ways these guys serve their coffee not just the good old espresso machine working in the back! You can have your coffee espresso, syphon, pour over or by cold drip, don't ask me what any of these are.. I suppose go and try for yourself.. I chose the good old espresso with a delicious fruity chocolatey blend. These peeps know their shit! Go and say hi